UN says Security Council to hold emergency Ukraine meeting

Published at : 09 July 2024, 10:09 pm
UN says Security Council to hold emergency Ukraine meeting
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The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Ukraine on Tuesday after a deadly Russian strike on a Kyiv children's hospital, a spokesman for the world body said.
The session scheduled for 10:00 am (1400 GMT) follows a request from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, UN spokesman Farhan Aziz Haq told AFP.
Zelensky said 38 people were killed and 190 wounded Monday in a wave of missiles that targeted towns and cities.
He said Kyiv was "initiating an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council due to the Russian strike on civilian infrastructure".
The UN said Tuesday there was a "high likelihood" that the children's hospital in the capital suffered "a direct hit" from a Russian missile.
Danielle Bell, head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, called the strike "one of the most egregious attacks that we've seen since the onset of the full-scale invasion" by Russia in February 2022.

Explosion kills 34 at illegal fuel depot in Benin

Published at : 24 September 2023, 02:43 pm
Explosion kills 34 at illegal fuel depot in Benin

At least 34 people, including two babies were killed when a contraband fuel depot exploded into flames in southern Benin near the border with Nigeria on Saturday.

According to Beninese Interior Minister Alassane Seidou, “a serious fire occurred in the town of Seme Podji. Another 20 people were seriously wounded in the incident.”

"I can't really give you the cause of the fire, but there is a large gasoline warehouse here and cars, tricycles and motorcycles come from morning to evening,” he added.

Nigeria is a main oil and gas producer where fuel smuggling is very common along its borders, particularly when the government maintains a subsidy to keep fuel prices low.

The majority of the victims were burnt and they could not be not be identified.


Why do we use it?

Published at : 16 September 2023, 06:28 am
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