Happy birthday Mostofa Kamal

Published at : 30 May 2024, 12:30 pm
Happy birthday Mostofa Kamal

The birthday of celebrated writer and editor of The Daily Khaborer Kagoj, Mostofa Kamal, is today (May 30). He was born in the Andharmanik village of Mehendiganj upazila, Barisal. This well-known novelist has been meditating on writing for nearly thirty years.

Mostofa Kamal's literary explorations take him through various genres. He mastered writing science fiction, columns, children's books, novels, and plays, in addition to poetry. His style is characterized by attractiveness and depth. When it comes to conducting research and penning political essays, he has maintained his reputation as a outstanding writer.

He has carved out a distinct and singular niche for himself in Bangladesh with his historical, traditional, and political works. His works, which are rooted in politics, history, and customs, have helped him carve himself a distinct and special niche in Bangladesh. Mostofa published a novel about Bangabandhu's life one after another. His historical novel "Bangabandhu" has been released by Kolkata's reknowned Anando Publishers on the centennial birth anniversary of Bangabandhu. His well-known literary works include Agnikanya, Agnipurusha, and Agnimanush. He also explored the background of 1975, a dark period in the lives of Bangladeshi residents, in his book '1975'. Mostafa's historical novel "Karbala Upakhyan" has been released in three editions at the last Ekushe book fair.

Mostofa spent his childhood in a diversified rural environment. Numerous setbacks have occurred in his childhood and teenage years. He completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Dhaka. 

The 'Paper Odhikar' (Right of Sin) is the title of the author's debut book. 'Biranganar Lorai' (the Battle of Birangana) is the first narrative. 'Pagal Chaagal O Ghadhasamgra' is the first romantic and satirical novel. 'Protikshar Shesh Prohar' (The Last Hour of Waiting) is the title of the first play. 'Asad theke Ganaabhuththan' (From Assad to Mass Uprising) is the first research book. Mostofa Kamal was given a special award in Kolkata for his wonderful literary contribution on the 119th birth anniversary of rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Mostofa has become well-known in journalism in addition to fiction. He is currently the publisher and editor of the Daily Khaborer Kagoj. Earlier, he was acting editor of the Daily Kaler Kantha.

As a journalist, he covered the post-war scenario in Afghanistan, the anti-monarchy revolt in Nepal, the death of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, and the Tamil guerilla issue in Sri Lanka, among other stories that sparked intense discussion and admiration. In order to perform his professional obligations, he has visited numerous nations, including Malaysia, Japan, Australia, the United States, India, and the United Kingdom. He is married with two children.