AB Party meets outgoing EU Ambassador

Published at : 09 July 2024, 08:26 pm
AB Party meets outgoing EU Ambassador
Photo: Collected

Amar Bangladesh Party (AB Party) delegation met outgoing head of European Delegation Ambassador Charles Whiteley on Tuesday afternoon at his residence to bid him farewell. 

Mojibur Rahman Monju, Member Secretary of the AB Party, Asaduzzaman Fuaad, a barrister-at-law and Joint Member Secretary, Nasreen Sultana Mily, a barrister-at-law and in-charge of AB Party Women, attended the meet up. Dr. Bernd Spanier, Deputy head of the EU Delegation and Sebastian Riger-Brown, First Secretary (Political), also attended the conversation, according to a press release. 

AB Party praised the five decade long partnership between Bangladesh-EU and hopes to even grow further, specially diversifying exports to the EU market. 

In regards to foreign policy engagement, AB Party affirms its firm commitment into Indo-Pacific strategy. The country has no other option but to align itself to civic and political values like multiparty democracy, accountability, transparency, good governance, pluralism, respect for Human Rights and minority while keeping good working relationship with China  and others. 

AB Party feels that Bangladesh-India relationship has potential to even grow further providing that trust deficit between the parties is addressed timely and adequately. 

AB Party shared its thoughts on anti-quota system given that it is unconstitutional and contradicting the essence of building a merit based society. Rohingya crisis has been hanging over for years which need to be resolved either through safe repatriation to Arakan under International supervision, resettlement in safe countries or reintegration. 

AB Party Member Secretary explained the continuous party growth, growing positive image nationwide, specially within the civil society and professional sections of the society, fresh recruitments into the party. Policy based politics and addressing critical national issues have also been an interesting feature of new generation politics.