COP 28: Bangladesh seeks science-based solution to global climate crisis, demands doubling of adaptation funding

Published at : 12 December 2023, 09:00 am
COP 28: Bangladesh seeks science-based solution to global climate crisis, demands doubling of adaptation funding

The Bangladesh delegation in COP28 has called for a scientific solution to the ongoing climate change crisis.

While speaking to UNB, Saber Hossain Chowdhury, the prime minister’s special envoy for climate change, emphasised on effective decision-making regarding the use of fossil fuels on the basis of science, reports UNB.

"To keep global temperature rise under the 1.5-degree celsius threshold, tough decisions on fossil fuels need to be made. A lot of countries are talking a lot. But we need to focus on what the science says. The decisions of the 28th climate summit must be based on science,” said the head of the Bangladesh delegation in Dubai.

"Today and tomorrow are two important days. We are hoping to bring something effective from this conference," said Saber Hossain Chowdhury. 

Meanwhile, Bangladesh also expressed disappointment over the draft text of the  Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) at the conference and demanded doubling of the climate adaptation funding.

"We are reviewing the draft right now. Hopefully, with like-minded countries, we can strengthen this draft in the next two days.”

At the conference, Bangladesh emphasised on political commitments from major carbon emitters to reduce global carbon emissions.

In this case, developed countries will have to play a leadership role to keep global warming within the range of 1.5 degrees celsius, according to the Bangladesh delegation.

While talking to UNB, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md Shahab Uddin stressed new and additional government funding.

“Bangladesh needs to double the adaptation fund to implement the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). We look forward to deciding the Global Goal on Adaptation with emphasis on time-bound and implementable targets to achieve climate resilience,” said the minister.

The Dubai Climate Conference, also known as the COP28, will end on Tuesday.

On the last day of the Dubai Climate Summit, which made history by making the historic decision to activate the Loss and Damage Fund on the opening day, afflicted nations like Bangladesh are waiting to learn what the final deal would deliver to the world.

Regarding the loss and damage fund, Environment Secretary Dr Farhina Ahmed said, “Bangladesh is fully prepared to receive money from the fund. We are working on this.”

The Dubai climate summit entered its final stages on Monday. At the same time, the scope of discussion has become more focused. Currently, parties are working to decide on two key issues.

One is to adopt ambitious targets to reduce global carbon emissions in climate mitigation and the second is to express the willingness of countries to overcome the climate crisis.

Simon Stiell, the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, told reporters on Monday morning, "To reach a meaningful agreement in Dubai, we have to abandon the mentality of obstruction."

“Cooperation of all countries is needed to approve the Global Stocktake. There are no winners or losers here,” he said.

The head of the UN climate agency stressed that the failure to reach a meaningful agreement will mean failure for everyone.  

“The failure to reach a meaningful agreement will push 8 billion people of the world towards disaster. So everyone at the negotiating table has to focus on the prize. The goal of all countries must be to reach a final agreement for the good of all the people of the world,” said Simon Stiell.

The COP28 kicked off on November 30 in Dubai.

Heads of governments  and representatives of 198 countries participated in the 13-day conference.